Top 5 Skills for making money on Fiverr

Fiverr is getting congested with the old type of gigs like Logos, because there are a lot of sellers out there.  But with the time things change. And for 2019 there are many other gigs that you can sell to make money, and that have very fewer sellers.

Here I will tell you the Top 5 Skills that you can master to make tons of money on Fiverr and other Freelancing websites

Fiverr is famous for its 5 dollar gigs but they are not that profitable if you stick to the 5 dollars schema. But if you manage to expand your business and satisfy your customers, you can earn a lot per gig.

Now the Question here is that what skills to master that Sells the most?

Being general, you should always work on the gigs that are very less in number on that specific platform OR the sellers are not providing them in good quality. By proving the excellent quality, you can easily rank your self up.

Here are some Skills to learn before you jump for your 1st gig on Fiverr.


1.  Provide SEO audit report


It is not that congested on Fiverr right now. You have to use software to generate an SEO report for your customers. So you don’t have to be an SEO expert for making that report.

Now the thing here is that the software that provides report is not free. And the free ones are not much worthy, and your customers will not like them, so I will recommend you to make a little investment for a year of subscription and provide some quality reports.
Some of the top SEO report providers are below.

  • Woorank
  • Semrush
  • WebCEO


2.  Chatbots Development


It is the very underrated and demanding gig of 2019. It is not that difficult as development, and you have to learn this specific development of just chatbots, search on Google and Youtube about this and take your time to learn this.


3.  Become a Virtual Assistant


If you want to work on this gig, you must have an excellent knowledge of English and communication for sure. Actually, in this type of GIGS, people hire you for custom hours to manage their work according to your skills or expertise. It also sells like hotcakes.


4.  Learn Photoshop


It may sound old or congested skill for you, but believe me, it is very much demanding ability of all times. If you are a Photoshop expert, you can provide several services like logo designing, background removal, photo retouch, editing of documents and hundreds of more.
So learning Photoshop at any stage of life is not a bad deal.


5.  Search technical problems around you


The most selling gigs are those who are in trend in the online world. There is a matter with trends that it keeps on changing with time, so you have to learn skills according to that.

Just explore the most demanding services on social media and make gigs on that.

Remember you will not be the only one that will provide that services so use your creativity to be different from others.




I can tell you a lot of gigs to make, but in the end, you have to TAKE ACTION to build yourself in Freelancing world. But if you will get your hands in the high skills and master them with dedication, I can assure you that will boost your earnings from other newbie’s that are entering with some old skills.

Updated: May 25, 2019 — 9:20 pm

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