How to earn 5$ by just removing images background

You must be searching for easy ways to make money online. Here is one of the most effortless skills you can learn to earn good money online.

Here is step by step Guide to learn and earn through this skill of removing background images by selling them on freelancing platforms.

Removing Background of Images


There are two ways to do it.

  1. You can do it online:


Websites like background burner and background remover are here to serve you.

  • Just upload an HD version of your picture on the website.
  • Website will differentiate between different objects according to its algorithms.
  • Now you have to select the background and remove it in a few clicks.



  1. If this is so easy, and then why doesn’t everyone do it for themselves?

It is easy for simple and less complicated pictures, and most of the people also don’t know how to use the online tools, that why they order on freelancing web sites.

Now come to the removal part, we just removed the background in a few clicks.

Don’t be too excited, because this was for simple images with few colors.

Images with more colors and complex structures want more attention and effort.

But some complex pictures can be handled by online websites.

In the case for website burner

  • Upload the picture with best results
  • Now let the site give you the options, it will provide you with 3 to 5 images
  • Select the most accurate picture according to the algorithm and the mix that with the other which is also similar to that.
  • Done! Now you can also add other backgrounds

Remember that it can be exact for the very complex pictures.

For very complex images, Use the Offline method.


  1. You can also do it Offline.

You must be familiar with Adobe Photoshop, It is very professional software for a lot of graphics work, but it is not free, but you can have a trial version.

Its method is a little bit difficult and requires time to learn. You can Google it for complex learning; You can also learn from YouTube videos.

Advantages of this method are that you can remove background in a very professional way.

Most important is that you don’t have to learn the whole Photoshop; you have to learn How to remove the background of images.


Selling that Services

Now you have learned how you can remove the background of the images.

Here comes the task of selling this skill for $5 per images. Follow these steps to sell this service.

  • Make a profile on Fiverr
  • Build your profile by adding your bio
  • Make a Gig about background removal
  • Give your services as cheap as you can
  • Promote your profile on Social media.


Now hopefully you will start receiving the order.



It’s quite an excellent way to make money online. But you have to be very professional and should have learned the skill with great passion and efforts. Even though it is simple to work, you can make a good chunk of money through it.

Happy earnings.



Updated: June 24, 2019 — 7:55 am

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