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Facebook is one of the popular Social media platform growing day by day. In 2018, Facebook had 2.32 billion monthly active users. In the last few years, Facebook has grown up with too many features and Updates. People are earning a handsome amount of Money by Facebook by using various methods. But Today I am going to talk about an Easy, Trending and newly launched way.

It has been a year Facebook has introduced Video monetization program for creators called Ad Breaks. There are some policies and terms if your Page follows them an ad will be shown on eligible videos of your page and you will get 55% of revenue generated by your Content.

How amazing and easy is that so don’t waste and let me explain How can you get eligibility for Ad Breaks. What do you need to start?

Just a Facebook Page:

You cannot monetize videos from your Profile so, you need a Facebook page where you can upload Videos and monetize them. Your page should follow the following terms so that it will be eligible for Ad Breaks

1.10k Page likes or Followers

According to the terms of Facebook, your page should have at least 10k likes or followers. If your page hasn’t 10k likes, you can’t get monetization on your page. Various methods and tricks are available on Google and YouTube; you can search about it. I am sharing a way so; you can try! add 5000 friends to your Facebook profile later you can change profile into a page, and your 5000 friends will be turned into 5000 likes or followers.

2.Watch Time:

You need to reach out at 30,000 minutes views on your 3 minutes Videos. Facebook accepts video that is 3 minutes long. Getting 30k 1-minute views on your is easy, many People are offering their services to complete your watch. If you want to, it organically doesn’t worry if your Content is viral or Interesting, you can complete watch time quickly. The best way for getting watch time fast is Sharing your Videos into Big groups. You can also run paid ads so that you can get views quick.

3.Content / Copyright issues:

Adult, Sexual and Hate speech content is not allowed on Facebook if Your video has any Violated content, so Facebook will not monetize your Video for Ad breaks.

Facebook is not Strict as Youtube you can copy Videos from other pages too but if Real owner claims for copyright so your page can be unpublished or delete by it is better to work and create your own video content.


When you fulfilled all the above terms, you become eligible for an ad break. You can apply for Ad breaks, and Facebook will monetize your Videos, and Facebook will show an ad during the video.

You will get 55% of revenue. I have seen People are making more than 1000$ with Facebook Ad breaks.


There are several Payment methods available for withdrawing Money such as Paypal, Payoneer, and Direct to your Bank account.

I hope this article will be helpful to you but if still, you have any Question so comment I will answer or want to get more update just checked out official Facebook help support “”






Updated: May 25, 2019 — 9:20 pm

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