How to Earn money through affiliated Apps

Have you ever wondered when you view ads on some youtube videos about a random smartphone app, that why they are promoting some apps, how they get money from that?

So Here is the simple answer. They make money by affiliation.

They are being affiliated to that specific app, and by giving them potential customers, they earn a smart commission.

How much can I earn?


Actually, we can not tell in specific. Because it depends on the amount of commission, they use to pay. But it also depends on the amount of traffic you are having right now.

Most of the apps give a direct commission of $10-$25 if the referral using that service. Now just imagine that you can provide premium traffic to that app, then how much you can earn, all depends on you at the end.

So if your traffic is really interested in that offer, then surely you can make a good bunch of money.

How can I withdraw money?


Most of such apps give money through Paypal and Payoneer.


Top apps for earning referral commission

Following are some of the top apps for earning affiliate commission. These apps are tested and proven for giving confirmed earnings at reasonable rates.



U- the dictionary is one of the most popular apps for translating from one language to another. Being honest with you, I do not like this app for use, and I didn’t find it helpful, but it is paying a good commission on potential installs. If your users install it, you will get a commission.Just contact the developer from the app store and tell them you want to promote their app, and you have a good source of traffic. They will respond you with the procedure.


  • IQ Option:

                               Iq options are one of the oldest and most popular online trading apps, in which you can deposit and earn the right amount of money. But you do not have to trade to earn money, you have to make an account and have to bring potential traffic to your referral link. They will pay you as per the users make deposits.


  • Olymp Trade:

Olymph trade is the same as Iq options. You can also use this app to earn a referral commission.

How to get the leads?

To get leads, you must have the traffic highly interested in that app. The apps I just shared are super catchy and useful, as you know they are for making money. So get the idea from here. Approach to the people interested in making money through social media, blogs and best of all Youtube.

Make a video on youtube and get the keywords of youtube pretty clean and bright, so that the people searching for making money online will catch you link and you will get you a commission. Easy Money Right!



So at the end we have come to this conclusion that earns money from referral commissions of apps is pretty straightforward and it’s also the right amount of money. You have to bring them the customers, and you will get your commission, merely the best business you can do at home. Moreover, if you are a content creator on youtube, you can easily earn a smart amount of money.


Updated: May 25, 2019 — 9:20 pm

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