How to make money Per downloads

Have you download online movies and wonder why for download they redirect you to the next page, why they give free server space to users and why there are so many ads on that Page?
So do not worry, You will get your all answers here, and you will get to know how you can earn the same way they are making dollars from there.

What is Pay per download?

Pay per download or (PPD) is a network that pays you money for bringing traffic to there website by Uploading some demanding content on their servers and sharing that link to your blog or social media. It is as simple as that.
Why Pay Per Download (PPD)?

Now you might be thinking, so why not Google AdSense for that on my blog and earn from that traffic directly.
So let me clarify you here that, It is not that simple to earn such amount of money with Google Adsense on Download niche as you know if you are a blogger you got a lot of traffic on Apk niches and Download niches, but Your AdSense got ban anytime.
So from now, you don’t have to worry about the Ban of your Hard earned money.

How Much can I make through PPD?

So basically it depends on the area of your traffic and the amount of traffic. For most of the Networks, you can make up to $16 or 1000 dollars, and that is not that bad.
If you can manage to get traffic from the USA and Canada, you can easily earn thousands of Dollars per Month; its all depends on you.

Pro Tips to get Fast traffic.

So how can we leave you alone with some pro tips, so here they are.
• Do some SEO and find some Highly searched Things for download over Google using Keyword Everywhere Extension.
• Now Get that File and Upload on PPD Network servers with your account
• Now Make a video on Youtube and Write a clean description and keep the video short. Past the link in the description
• Here you go, Enjoy Printing Dollars with Come4earn
• Do share that link on Social media with USA users; You can purchase Ready made Groups on Facebook.

Top PPD Networks

Following are some of the trusted networks that Pay the right amount and are old and reputed.

Upload Ocean

Upload Ocean is one the Most reputed PPD network, You have to signup, and here you go. It pays Up to $21 for 1000 Downloads. I count in Top 5 PPD networks.


It is one of the Top PPD Network and it also allows you to Upload Anonymously. It gives Unlimited storage to users to upload Downloads and Earn Money.

Winner among All
So here is the Winner of the Day


Upload AC is the Best and Winner for a Reason, It starts giving Reward on 100+ kb File and gives direct Withdrawal in Bank For Many Countries, It also Supports Pakistani Banks and JazzCash for withdrawal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is PPD?

PPD stands for Pay per download. It is a server where we upload Files and Bring traffic to that Download to Make money.

Q2. If my account gets banned?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get back the account on any PPD network, But they do not Ban without any reason.

Q3. How to be safe from getting a ban?

Just Follow the terms and Conditions of the Network and Never Ever Break that rules.

Do This Now

Okay, Let me Summarize things. Now I have Told you every bit details about PPD; it’s up to you how you use your superpowers to collect the Best creativity around you to get maximum Traffic to your PPD Link.
In the end, I want to say that never try to deceive the network, They are much smarter than you. Your search for making money online, and they have made an entire company, so Don’t get Banned.
Happy earnings.

Updated: May 25, 2019 — 9:20 pm

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