Is freelancing is an Easy Job?

The reason because you work from home does not mean that you are a free man, or you can enjoy your life from the day 1st. There is no doubt that a freelancer has a lot of advantages over a regular person who is doing a job at an office or for any firm or company.

Some of the very well know advantages and positive points that a freelancer is of fully acknowledged are.

  • You will be your boss.
  • No time boundaries.
  • Work from home.
  • Holiday on any day of the week.
  • More earnings than a regular job.

But it is not that easy to achieve these all goals in a small amount of time.

There are a lot of things to tackle before you end up in a luxury life that you have dreamt of being a successful Freelancer.

Now come to our main question. Is freelancing an easy job?

So to understand this, you must have a mindset, what a freelancer is? And do you love what you do?

The main difference between being a freelancer and a regular employee is that In freelancing you do the work you love the most, and you do not get tired of doing that for the whole day.

There are two answers to this question.

  1. Freelancing is not an easy job if you do not love what you do, and you have miserable time management in your business.
  2. Freelancing is an easy job if you Love what you do, and you manage your time quite so well that you have enough time to your self and your family, for which you are doing this business.

Mistakes that Freelancers make.


  • They expect the change in their life for the 1st
  • They think they can make tons of money in a short period
  • When their business grows, they took all the work on themselves instead of hiring a team.
  • They have miserable time management, so ends up in quitting freelancing just because they are not giving much time to themselves.

How to make life easy being a freelancer?


Always do what you can do, or what you love to do, and always remember that goal is to build up a business in significant time instead of making tons of money overnight.

So here are some Tips to make your life easy being a freelancer.

1.     Don’t afraid to say no.

There is a misconception that, you will not get more orders if you say no to the customers. Remember it is always better to say no instead of delivering late of a low-quality thing. Always be specific with the customers you want to work with. You can not work with all the customers all the time.

So If you say No, it will not have any impact on your business.


2.     Build a brand.

Always promote yourself as a brand instead of being an individual. A brand always gets most of the customers. So being a brand, if you stop working on the freelancing site, you will be still a brand.


3.     Hire a team.

After being good at receiving orders and having a good reputation in the market, maintain that position. And to keep that position hire a team of experts. Be very professional while hiring that team because people will represent you hereafter.



Summarizing the whole conversation, the answer to the question depends on you. If you love your work and know how to manage your time, you can be a successful freelancer, and that will be pretty easy for you. But if you are coming to freelancing to get rich quick, then there is Red Alert for you, you can not succeed with this aim in this field.




Updated: May 25, 2019 — 9:20 pm

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